XPORNTOY-8 lbs Russet Petite Side Saddle Sex Doll Male Masturbator


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  • Crafted to look and feel real, she makes it easy for banging your load while lying down.
  • Exposing two willing holes lasciviously, she loves to get dirty with her man.
  • Reasonable size for discreet storage and maneuverability.
  • Superior TPE material provides her with a silky-smooth body.


Need something other than your palm Got it. Experimenting for trying something special? Got it. Attach importance to realistic sensations? Totally got it! With smooth, real-feel skin, she is a fresh new masturbator lying side on, and all she wants to do is offer her man incredibly real and novel sex. Her cute vagina with hanging hams is squeezed to be more fleshy because of her stacking thighs. It is not hard to imagine how tight she is inside her luscious holes. A flat base allows to place her on a table or bed for easy entry. Ram the cock deep inside, the irregular softly bumps and ribs just replicate the feel of real sex with a young lady. She is so desperate for a satisfying penetration! Come on hunk, grab her hot ass to bang your seeds deep inside!


  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Material: TPE

Package included:

Realistic butt x 1


A, B


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